Site Selection Update

The VCIC Board of Directors and Site Selection Committee continue to search for an appropriate downtown in downtown Greenville. Thanks to our generous donors, we are financially ready and able to secure and upfit a location as soon as an appropriate option becomes available. On two occasions our offers were rejected in favor of other bids. We continue to work with an experienced commercial realtor to explore other suitable locations in the downtown area. Please continue to ask God to guide us in this search.


August Event

On August 25, the Board of Directors hosted a festive and well-attended summer social at Kingsbridge club house in Greenville. The social was designed to update our sponsors on the current status of the Center and to emphasize the need for continued support, both spiritual and financial. Photos of the event are included in the EVENTS section of the website.


Century Club

One-time or recurrent donations using credit cards, PayPal or direct ACH bank transfers can now be made to the VCIC through our website at or click here.  We encourage you to set up a recurrent monthly donation and join our Century Club. A recuring $100 monthly donation from 100 donors could place the Center on a sound financial basis for the future and allow us to move forward with confidence as we secure, upfit and staff a location.

Note:  The Christ On Main is a federally approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit chartered in the state of South Carolina. This means that all donations are tax-deductible both at the state and federal level. 


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