Site Selection Update 

The VCIC Board of Directors and the Site Selection Committee have been actively searching  for appropriate downtown Greenville locations for the center. Our initial offer was rejected in  favor of another entity. We are currently working with an experienced commercial realtor to  explore other suitable locations. Stay tuned for updates. 

June Event 

On June 6, the VCIC co-sponsored a major address by Dr. Scott Hahn, delivered at Saint  Joseph’s High School. Dr. Hahn spoke eloquently and passionately about the Old Testament  roots of the Holy Eucharist. Dr. Hahn also offered his prayers and encouragement for the  success of the VCIC. Photographs from the event are available in the Events section of the  website. 

Brand Name 

The “storefront” name of the VCIC is currently being selected, based on input from committee  members, donors and other supporters. This will be the “brand name” that will identify our  physical location and accompany all public correspondence. The foremost name under  consideration is “Christ on Main.” 

Tax-exempt Status Reminder 

The IRS has officially approved for the Christ On Main has been granted  501(c)(3) status by the IRS. This means that all donations to the VCIC and are officially tax deductible. This applies to both federal and South Carolina taxes. taxes. Please prayerfully  consider the VCIC when making your charitable donations.